Prospectus Design

Advertorial Education

Now, there is nothing more important to a young person & their parents, as little as the youth may realise at the time, than the educational establishment at which they are educated. This educational establishment informs the development of the youth, their maturing into an individualistic person in their own right &, integrally, the knowledge that they retain. Now, due to this intrinsic component played in young people’s lives, schools, primary, secondary & further, need to be wholly reputable & this reputability needs to be reflected in its advertising.

The prime method of advertising for a school, in a method that denotes class, information & professionalism, is in a prospectus. To design this booklet, Prospectus Design professionals are inimitable & intrinsic hires.


Prospective Components

There are a number of elements that can be introduced & assimilated into prospectuses with the services of Prospectus Design professionals. Each of these different elements are essential & required to be utilised in conjunction with one another to present as effective as possible representation of a school.

A number of these elements include;

  • Copy Writing
  • Photography
  • Design
  • Printing

Each of these components will be carried out by respective professionals, the prospectus equalling more than the sum of its parts.

6th Form

Different Prospectus Design plans are carried out for different years in education, as appealing to year 2s is wholly different to appealing to year 10s. Year 11s, transitioning into 6th form however, will require a different approach altogether.

It is largely advised for an educational establishment that incorporates both school & 6th form to have a different prospectus for each, to emphasise the equal focus placed upon both & the intrinsic differences.

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