School Branding

Schools Identities

An educational establishment is an essential component of both individualistic children’s lives & as a necessity for society, in allowing young peoples to grow, become independent & learn. Due to their importance in modern society, the advertisement of a school is intrinsic to its success & reputability. This reputability is marked by effective advertorial means; prospectus design, website design & other, varied wares, including newsletters, et al.

For a schools’ identity to be most effectively represented, the services of professional School Branding companies are an inimitable hire. They converse with a schools management at each step of the branding process, to assure that the images, text & aesthetic presented is one in step with the respective educational establishment.



All of the photography utilised in the School Branding process is carried out professionally & organised by the company alongside a photographer. A time is accrued & decided upon between the branders & the school for when the photographer should arrive, before a series of shots are taken.

These shots can be of all the services offered at the school & of the educational establishments’ facilities.

Once taken, these photos belong to the school management & can be utilised where they wish; flyers, banners, photo boards, etc.

Surfing the Web

One of the most important elements to a School Branding campaign is in the educational establishments’ representation upon the internet. The internet, or web as it was once naively known, is one of the most important facets upon which advertising can be carried out. A well designed website is essential to reflecting a school to parents, pupils & prospective parents.

Granted, worse than no website for a school is a poorly designed, amateurish website that denotes an untrustworthiness to users. A website design, or re-design, is an advisable component in a branding campaign.

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