Studying a CIW Web Design Course

Are you interested in a career in web design? It’s an increasingly popular choice with creative design professionals who are attracted to the prospect of working in a dynamic and cutting-edge discipline. The main challenge prior to embarking upon your new career is to find suitable courses in web design that will allow you to realise your full potential and equip you with all the necessary web skills to succeed.

With so many web design courses on offer it can be difficult and frustrating to decide on the best option for you and your future web career. However, most employers in the Internet field will point you towards the Certified Internet Web Professional (CIW) course, which is widely regarded as the premier web design course. The qualification is recognized worldwide by companies as the web technology standard, and by which all other website design courses are measured. It is the world’s largest web education certification program, and is therefore advisable for you and prospective employers to you ensure that your web design course is CIW certified, in order to be confident of acquiring all the Internet knowledge and expertise required.

With the huge number of courses in web design, many promise a proficiency in web design but only the CIW curriculum is structured specifically so that all those participating will achieve a basic knowledge of Internet technologies. The course include the study of web programming with XHTML, web project management, network infrastructure and troubleshooting.

Topics included in the course include the following:

  • Interface design – how to design a modern Web 2.0 website
  • XHTML language -  an in-depth look at the mark-up language used for displaying websites across different platforms and computers
  • Flash scripting – studying how to add adding animation and interactivity to web pages
  • Web security – a grounding in the practices for ensuring websites and their users are protected from online threats
  • Ecommerce – how to build online shops
  • Search engine optimisation (SEO) – Ensuring websites are properly optimised to assist with positioning on the search engines

Once you reach this standard, you are then able to choose from a wide variety of specialized career paths.

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